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MERLOT/Physics Showcase

The showcase highlights outstanding or unusual resources on MERLOT/Physics.

The current showcase resource is:

Physics Education Technology Simjulations
by the Unviersity of Colorada PhET Group

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The PhET materials won the 2006 Physics Classics and Editors' Choice Awards

The PhET Research Group at the University of Colorado has created an extensive collection of virtual physics simulation environments to provide students with hands-on activities for learning. These cover a wide range of topics from introductory mechanics and electricity and magnetism to modern physics and quantum mechanics.

The development process for these Java and Flash applets is grounded in Physics Education Research. They are engaging and interactive, allowing students to explore. Applets are evaluated for their impact on students, and modified and improved based on these studies.

The PhET group also have an open Activities Database where educators can upload examples of how they are using the simulations.

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