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Other Resources for Physics Teaching

There are many places on the web to get more information, help, and materials for physics education. The following lists provide some of these resources.

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American Association of Physics Teachers - Enhancing the understanding and appreciation of Physics through teaching.

Link to APS

American Physical Society - To advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics.

Link to AIP

American Institute of Physics - Serving the physical science community with information that matters.

Link to PIRA

Physics Instructional Resource Association - Created to aid Physics Teachers with demonstration and laboratory information.


Digital Libraries

Link to ComPADRE

Com PADRE, Resources for Physics and Astronomy Education - A network of collections that provides learning resources for physics and astronomy students and their teachers.

Link to NSDL

National Science Digital Library - An NSF sponsored project supporting education across all of the sciences through web resources and web services.

Link to PhysNet

PhysNET -

Link to APDL

Advanced Placement Digital Library - Materials selected and reviewed for Advanced Placement courses.

Link to arXiv arXiv Preprint Server -

Intute -


Email Lists


The following email lists host discussions related to Physics, Physics Teaching, and Physics Education Research